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Throw Out All the Immigrants Out

Posted in Politics on June 8, 2010 by chipmcgee

People who try to immigrate illegally should be put on a list and thrown out never to return.
Now before you start bashing me or trying to find and kill me let me explain my side. First of all let me say I am 100% for immigration. If it were not for immigration other than the Native Americans none of us would be living in the USA, but crossing a boarder without permission is against the law.
Imagine you are in your car sitting at a red light and someone opens your driver door and rips you out of the car does this mean the car now belongs to the thief? NO!!! because we are a society of law and the law says if you take something that does not belong to you are to be punished with fines and or jail time. I don’t hear anyone complaining that sending someone to jail is not fair, or maybe he needed to steal the car so he can get to his job to feed his family.
Yet for some reason it is ok for someone to be rewarded for entering the USA illegally. For entering the USA illegally you can get aid from the government that comes from the taxes we have to pay or go to jail.
Arizona has passed a law that says if you are stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation or any legitimate reason for someone to be stopped by the police and if you are in the country illegally you will be sent to your home country.
For some reason some people are claiming this is racist and sounds like Nazi Germany, but if you are not doing anything wrong then what is the problem with someone asking to see some identification. I spent most of my life living in New Jersey and it was State Law that we had to be able to show Identification at all times, now I never had a cop walk up to me and just ask me for ID unless I was doing something suspicious like 5 teens sitting in the woods next to cold cans of beer that were there when we got there. Where the cops being Nazis then? I did not like them but I would not say they were Nazis, even when they made us spill out all that beer.

My point is if they are here illegally why is it wrong for us to make them leave when we catch them? Why is it wrong to look for them? After all it’s the government’s job to enforce the law…Right??

Why the Hell is Marijuana Illegal?

Posted in Politics on June 6, 2010 by chipmcgee

In 2008 research showed that 42% of all Americans had at least tried smoking Marijuana at least once, yet and the percentages rise as the age of those surveyed is lowered to below 50, so if most Americans Smoke or have smoked pot why is it still illegal.

 When asked why marijuana is illegal most Americans will say because it’s a gateway drug that leads to harder drugs, and that the money goes to funding terrorism.

The 2 biggest arguments for keeping Marijuana illegal are both false and easily fought with common logic.

Smoking pot is not a gateway drug any more than alcohol or tobacco are. More people smoke tobacco or have drank alcohol before they smoked pot for the first time, but the fact that weed is illegal means that you are more likely to come into contact with people that sell harder drugs when trying to score some smoke and this makes you more likely to try harder drugs.

In an Herb legal society ganja would not be sold on street corners and alleyways in bad neighborhoods, you could go into a Dispensary and get a measured out amount of grass for a pre determined price, and guess what that price would include a sales tax. So not only are people not having to put themselves in dangerous areas but the government could use this money for things like schools and helping clean the real drugs off the streets and help for the people.  

If it is regulated and sold in licensed establishments it will also make it harder for kids to get and just like alcohol can be kept to adults 21 years. Sure kids will still be able to get this is not going stop kids from getting weed, but it will make it harder.  

 The next argument is that the money for pot is going to fund terrorism. Ok maybe it is, all the more reason to make it legal people have been told where the money is going but they still buy it cause I do not buy it from a Taliban member and I know the person I get from does not get it from one either. But if I can run to the corner shop get a bit of smoke and a coffee I know few sure where the money is going.

 So than why is it illegal. As much as I hate conspiracy theories the fact is that big business is to blame. Tobacco growers don’t want you smoking pot. Weed tastes better than tobacco and it has the added bonus of getting you high. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you smoking something that can easily be grown in most people’s yards that can help cure many different aches and pains that when you can buy their pills for lots of money that may help you while killing you with side effects.

 Unfortunately it’s all about the money, but the fact remains that as the 70’s and 80’s generation gets closer and closer to taking the reins of power in the country it will eventually become inevitable.

The Flotilla Gorilla

Posted in Politics on June 6, 2010 by chipmcgee

Holey crap it’s been 5 months since I have ranted about something pissing me off

So let’s go with the fucking Free Gaza Flotilla crap.

Ok where to start, oh yeah Piracy on the high seas…give me a fucking break. If you are dumb enough to call this a case of piracy then you are definitely the kind of jackass who is a constant reminder of why I am such an angry feller.

First of all pirates usually don’t give the contents o the ships they seize to the intended recipients i.e. the people of Gaza as all of the supplies on the ships Israel recently stopped was delivered within 48 hrs to Gaza.

Next pirates usually do not just take down the names of those they take hostage and then pay for them to go home, but all Israel did was take down names and send them home after a day or two to confirm their identities.

Yes some people on the ships got hurt, but they were told they would be boarded and walla they were. What did they expect would happen?

The truth is that most of the people on those ships were just peaceful protesters but why are they protesting Israel what did Israel do?

In 2008 Hamas decided to violently kick out of Gaza Fatah supporters and Fatah officials democratically elected to office by the Palestinian people, and in response to this Israel decided it did not want anything to do with the illegal takeover of Gaza.

And Israel has said that when Fatah and Hamas reconcile the boarders will be opened again to the flow of more goods.  Is that really so inhumane of them to do?

Noam Shalit the father of Gilad Shalit asked that if they helped deliver a letter to Gilad that he would pressure the Israeli government to allow the boats to pass, but they refused to even try to get a young man being held without the rights to a visit from the ICRC or even his parents (rights that even Hamas prisoners being held In Israel get)

Some people may say that Israelis are fools and that they need to make peace with Hamas, but I say they are Idiots.

Are we supposed to enter into negotiations with Hamas and give them concessions? And then we have to do it with Islamic Jihad because they will not be bound by anything that Hamas promises, and then there is the PFLP and 8000 other groups and in the end Israel will give away everything they ever had and then another group will pop up and make even more demands, no the only people Israel should ever negotiate with is the head of the rightfully elected PA government, any other negotiations are internal between the PA and the smaller groups.

So all we can do is try and stop them from getting more guns and the materials for making rockets from getting thru to these groups.

If you disagree with me………….FUCK OFF its my dam blog

Taught to Hate

Posted in Politics on February 2, 2010 by chipmcgee

here is a ten year old kid who has clearly been taught to hate jews.


Posted in Politics on January 4, 2010 by chipmcgee

All I can say is that even though I do believe in socialized healthcare, what President Obama is proposing is an atrocity that will only cost us all a large chunk of change in new Taxes.

Maybe someone should tell him that we would not need a new healthcare system if they would go and find all the mismanagement and misspending that has been going on by the government with the taxes we are already paying and maybe they can even lower or taxes and still have enough to run a well organised government.