Bong Bowl or Joint Which is the Best Way to Get High

After many years as a regular pot smoker I have heard many people say their way is best, but is any one way of smoking weed better than the other?

After more than 20 years smoking pot I have learned one thing about smoking weed and that is whatever way is most convenient for you then do it.

I personally love to smoke joints, but since weed is illegal and every time I need to get more I am running a risk of being arrested I usually use a pipe. A pipe can be put out after each hit so that when it is being passed around its not still burning. Another advantage to a pipe is that you do not have to smoke the rolling paper, so you are taking in less smoke that does nothing for you and more smoke that will get you high.

Bongs are also good but after so many years I suffer when I do a bong. There are 2 problems I have with bongs. The first is Bong Water spillage. If you spill dirty bong water on anything THROW IT AWAY!!! Its ruined. The second problem I have is that the water in the bongs cools the smoke allowing you to get more smoke inside your lungs before you feel the burn that tells you when to stop. And once you feel the burn you now have a giant hit of expanding smoke in your lungs and bam you are coughing choking and maybe even puking up on your friend’s floor.

One of the coolest ways I have smoked is from an old style keyboard vacuum. You would switch it on and hold the lighter to the bowl. Suddenly a plume of continuous smoke will sart pouring out but be careful if you hold that button for too long you will wind up killing the bowl in 3 seconds and wasting the smoke.

When I was in high school I got some clay and using a pencil made a pipe and I did not fire it in the kiln this way if the cops come it was easy to crush it into dust or with a few drops of water it becomes a ball of clay.

All in all I like the pipe the best for its convenience no need to stop and roll when you can just pack in a bud and puff away.

2 Responses to “Bong Bowl or Joint Which is the Best Way to Get High”

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