Learn to Drive

At the exit for my home when you get off there is a crosswalk and if someone is in the crosswalk you have to stop, but we do NOT have a stop or even a yield sign. This is because where the exit meets the road there starts a new lane. So all you need to do is continue on in your own lane.

But despite the fact that no one is in that lane or could be coming into that lane people insist on stopping there and waiting for a break in traffic in a lane with NO ONE IN IT!!!!!! (Getting annoyed just thinking about it)

How fucking hard is driving that so many people around the world take lessons and tests and still can not understand some simple concepts.

When merging cars can not be side by side and once the lanes merge you should be letting the car that is ahead in.

When changing lanes USE YOUR FUCKING MIRRORS!!!!! I drive drunk so if you change lanes suddenly I will never have time to get out of the way, ok I do not drink and drive EVER but maybe the person you are cutting of does. Do not expect the people around you to be paying attention you have to do it yourself.

After using your mirrors before changing lanes give a quick turn of your head to see if a car is in your blind spot. It’s called a blind spot because you can not see it in the mirror.


You can flash your headlights at me all you want I am not moving over until after I pass the giant fucking truck in the lane next to me. I am sorry but my car will not fit under a truck, if you want to get passed me that bad maybe you should try the under the truck trick.

Oh and to you guys on motorcycles that always blame cars for their accidents, maybe you should not be going 100mpg and trying to blast between me and a car in the lane next to me. And if you are weaving in and out of traffic going fast remember, I look and them move if you were not there when I look I assume there will be no one there when I move…BAM you are dead not me.

When getting on the highway that long lane you are in is called an acceleration lane. This is so you can go from street traffic speeds to highway speeds before you pull out into traffic. If you pull in front of someone who is going 75 MPH and you are going 35 MPH see what I say about changing lanes 5 paragraphs above this one. Legally if the guy you just cutoff hits you it is his fault but don’t be so fucking careless with your and other peoples lives. It is better to slow down and get behind someone to get to your exit rather then speed up and try to get ahead of them just so you have to slam on the brakes to make it in time. One will get you home safe and one will get you dead. (if you are one of the people I am complaining about I actually would prefer you were dead then the roads would be safer for me)


One Response to “Learn to Drive”

  1. pedestriansarntskittlesonacrossing Says:

    just emphasises the argument that all car drivers should spend 3 months on a bike before getting behind the wheel of a car/tank.

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