My Drive Home from Work

Most days I drive to work because it is much faster then taking the bus, but I have to deal with stupid people who must have bribed an official to get their drivers license.

There has been an unwritten rule about what lane to drive in since the first cars were on the roads. If you are the slowest vehicle you should be in the right lane and if you are the fastest car then you belong in the left lane, but if you are just keeping up with the flow of traffic then you belong in the middle lane.

There I am driving on the highway in the middle lane. I like the middle lane because I am usually not the fasted driver or the slowest driver on the road so it’s the right place for me to be in. so I am driving at about 70 to 75 mph and this fucking retarded ass clown in the right lane decided for no apparent reason that he needs a change of scenery and he suddenly changes lanes, no signals no speeding up before getting in front of my, just poof suddenly in my lane and going slow.

So I have 2 choices, slam on the breaks or slam on the gas and attempt to kill him and pray I don’t get injured (the second option was more an option when I had a big ass truck)

I went with the first option and slowed down. I would have gone around him but people were flying by in the left lane and I could not safely get over now that I was slowed down to 55 in a 65 and because of how slow we were now going in the middle lane people had started going around me on the right so I could not even get over that way.

So here is the lesson I want to impart to you. Remember, people on the roads are fucktards and don’t think.

If you are going to move lanes make sure you are going as fast or faster then the person you are getting in front of. This is so they don’t have to slam on the breaks, but don’t think this is just a move to be considerate of others (god forbid) but what if that jackass you just cut off is not paying attention?

Is it worth having someone smash into you from behind because you had to move over at that very second?

Please pay more attention when you are driving or go home fill the bath with warm water, get in and slice your wrists over and over till you die.


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