Parking Lot at Work

So, I just went outside for a smoke with some people I work with(yes I know smoking is unhealthy but I don’t smoke anymore I just went out with them and this is my fucking blog about the things I hate. If you hate smoking so much you feel the need to leave me a comment about it make your own anti smoking blog and leave me alone)

Anyway, in the area I work there is not much parking, but next to my work is a building with a parking lot. The parking lot is not very big and if someone does not pull the car in all the way it can block the entire lot.

The parking lot goes around the building in a u shape and is a one way. The arrows are painted on the ground and yet people still insist on leaving thru the exit.

So what you get is one schmuck who wants to go out the entrance and goes head to head with a car coming into the parking lot.

I just spent 5 minutes watching this guy refuse to turn his car around because he insisted on leaving his way and would not listen to anyone.

Eventually the incoming car had to back out of the lot into traffic so this dickhead with ears could finally pull out his way.

Now this did not happen to me nor did it really anger me but what a set of balls on someone to insist on doing things there way to the point others should back out into traffic on a busy street because you can not follow a simple direction for leaving a parking lot.

If I had been the incoming car I would have killed that jerk, and I certainly never would have given into him. At the very least I would have parked my car in the entrance and gone about my business there.


2 Responses to “Parking Lot at Work”

  1. What an idiot!! Buy a paintball gun. You have a perfect spot for snipping!

  2. You shouldnt smoke scumbag. Now I hate you and I know who you are and am coming to get you….

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